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STLVW formed from a group of six local Volkswagen owners in late 2000. Since that winter, we've grown to over 100 members who have come together to share their enthusiasm for Volkswagens by attending car shows, cruising the metro area together, helping give back to the community, and learning more about our great cars. All under the STLVW banner! Our members are single students and professional family-men and women, so there is always a good variety of people to enjoy our activities!

The mission statement behind STLVW is to leverage our knowledge for all makes and models of VW's, share our passion in German engineering and for all intensive purposes, make friends. Saving money on parts, tapping into a wealth of knowledge from all avenues, and getting help on working on your car has made our group what it is today. STLVW is a club, yes, but it is more of a group of friends getting together to share our passion.

Membership in one of the fastest growing Volkswagen enthusiast clubs in the nation is easy! A $20 annual membership due entitles you to a variety of benef